While I was at the Sarasota International Design Summit, of course I posted to Twitter about it.  Local one-man news crew David Leonard caught my message and visited the conference in order to interview me.  Here is the article (corrections in italics), originally posted to the 10Connects site:

Sarasota, Florida – Dom Sagolla knows the value of a dollar. The founder and developer of DollarApp is creating applications for the iPhone that are just a buck.

“It’s like they say, ‘I’d buy that for a dollar,'” the 34-year-old designer said. Dom is just one of many speakers who gathered for the 2008 Sarasota International Design Summit hosted by Ringling College at the Ritz Carlton Hotel. Designers from Google, Microsoft, Herman Miller, and others presented work and discussed the direction of social networking in the real world, online and from mobile devices.

It was one of those events that were under most people’s radar. I found out about it on Twitter. I put in a search on robots within a 50 mile radius of Tampa and caught Dom’s post.

“Checking into the Ritz-Carlton in Sarasota, Florida — turns out this Design Summit is high class.”

It turns out Dom was one of the originators of Twitter; #8 in fact.

“Jack Dorsey envisioned twitter as a messaging service to keep people in touch where ever they were in short bursts and stay connected and share ideas,” said Sagolla who is #8 of more than a million subscribers to Twitter.

“There are almost genres of users who tweet what they are eating next or what they thought of what they ate or what their cat is doing. I am more of a journalist.”

It was fun talking with David, who is doing a great service to the Tampa Bay area, and it’s always fun to turn other journalists on to Twitter.

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