DollarApp has done it again with another App Store Staff Favorite! This time Math Cards, our mighty learning tool has made it onto the front page of the App Store itself:

Math Cards -- iTunes Front Page

Some comments from reviewers:

This app is great math for young and old (DaveWalter)

This app is great in its simplicity and user interface. The real-time scoring adds to the experiece. It will be a great adjunct for teaching my young homeschoolers. It make math a game, a fun game. Great use of the platform.

Great App for my Kids and Me (GlacierChaser)

I have to say, this is one of the best apps that I have used for education. There are a lot of different flash card programs out there but this is by far the easiest and most intuitive. I purchased this for my 3 boys and they absolutely love it. It has really helped them to improve the speed at which they respond to answers and of course it has helped them in learning the math better. I also use this quite a lot to improve my basic math skills -> the funny thing is that I can do large numbers in my head without blinking an eye but when it comes to simple addition such as 9+6, I actually use my fingers. I don’t really need to use my fingers, it is just a bad habit I developed as a kid. This program, encourages me not to use my fingers to count and it has really helped me with that.

Extremely well executed (ElwoodBlues)

Very well designed. I wish this was around when I was a kid!

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