Agility-based startup will become the latest in a series of strategic consolidations for Chaotic Moon’s growing stable of iOS apps and talent.

AUSTIN, TX — (May 30, 2012) — Mobile development firm Chaotic Moon is pleased to announce the acquisition of DollarApp, a visionary iOS development company run by Twitter pioneer Dom Sagolla. Located in San Francisco, DollarApp is to become Chaotic Moon’s Bay Area satellite, and Sagolla their Chief Product Officer.

“Dom and DollarApp bring a tremendous amount of experience and vision to Chaotic Moon,” says Ben Lamm, Chief Executive Officer at Chaotic Moon. “His philosophy of simplicity and speed, along with a devotion to craftsmanship will permeate every aspect of our business.”

Formed in 2008, DollarApp’s first project was the Official Obama ’08 iPhone App, one of the most ambitious and successful projects on the iTunes App Store to date. Although the company has consulted for many major brands, its focus is the creation of original works. Each of these has been featured by Apple: Big Words, Math Cards, and the hypertext edition of Sagolla’s groundbreaking book, 140 Characters.

Dr. Sagolla, along with Chaotic Moon Labs’ whurley (William Hurley), is co-founder of the world’s largest independent developer community for Apple’s platforms: iOSDevCamp. Access to this world-wide talent pool will drive growth at Chaotic Moon for years to come.

“Dom’s constant support of our largest projects over the years has proven invaluable.” says whurley. “We are thrilled to have him drive the creation of new and unique products for Chaotic Moon.”

Recently declared an International Genius by the City of Amsterdam, Dom has been featured on BBC News, Fast Company, and ABC’s Nightline for DollarApp’s innovative business model which predicted the current explosion of high-value mobile apps that cost just one dollar.

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About Chaotic Moon Studios:
Chaotic Moon Studios is comprised of the most talented thinkers, designers, coders, and developers in the mobile media industry today. With over 400 years of combined experience, our team has practiced their craft alongside some of the most innovative companies in the world, including both Apple and IBM. They are award winners, Open Source thought leaders, iOSDevCamp founders, and even doctors. Between them they hold over a dozen patents and have been interviewed or written for magazines the likes of Wired, ComputerWorld, and Business Week. As the world’s most proven mobile application studio, they provide everything from initial brainstorming and strategy, to custom development and publishing, to managing an entire mobile presence in any application marketplace.

About DollarApp:
DollarApp is expert at quickly developing a simple, addictive experience on mobile platforms. The company has woven a pattern of success derived from decades of research at the world’s preeminent think tanks: HP Laboratories, Adobe Labs, and the MIT Media Lab. Known as a social networking pioneer, founder Dom Sagolla has left fingerprints on some of Silicon Valley’s most innovative creations, such as Twitter and Square. With a focus on high quality and deft execution, DollarApp leads by example in the rapidly evolving mobile application marketplace.

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