Head Shot Meet Dom Sagolla.

Dom started programming in grade 5, using Logo on an Apple IIc in a small town outside of Boston, MA.  He bought Dom.net for $100 in 1996 while studying hypertext and music at Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania, and became an engineer at HP Laboratories in Palo Alto upon graduation.

After HP, Dom returned to the original Bay Area to study at Harvard in 2000, and intern with the inventor of Logo, Seymour Papert at the MIT Media Lab.  Inspired by the “Demo or Die” spirit of the Media Lab, Dom started his own company in 2001, which led him to consult for, and eventually join Macromedia in 2003.

In 2005, Dom left Macromedia to join Odeo and help create Twitter.  When Odeo was dissolved, Dom joined Adobe for research and development pre-1.0 products.  Dom co-founded iPhoneDevCamp in 2007, bringing the ideals of Open Source to the iPhone development community.  Since then, the community has met internationally and locally here in San Francisco, tripling in size this year.

DollarApp was founded at the Start Conference in 2008, focused on producing specialized iPhone Apps for a common price.

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